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True Chiropractic in Claygate, (near Esher) in Surrey is the home of Chiropractic the KST way.

KST or Koren Specific Technique is a whole body analysis and correction system developed by Dr. Tedd Koren DC of Philadelphia PA,  in the USA.

Ralph Mitchell DC, your chiropractor in Claygate, qualified from the McTimoney Chiropractic College (Oxford) Ltd in 1998 and was taught by Dr. Koren at the very first KST seminar in 2005. Ralph has been active in mentoring and training chiropractors and other health professionals in this groundbreaking approach ever since, working closely with Tedd on his regular visits to the UK and Europe.

This approach allows your chiropractor great freedom and flexibility in terms of positions and postures to adjust you in: Instead of having to lie down or sit in a particular position  or posture you can be checked and adjusted standing, walking, sitting in relevant postures from your everyday life (e.g. ‘at the desk’ or ‘in the car’), or in action postures such as practicing your yoga postures or golf swing or doing the gardening or the decorating or singing or playing your chosen musical instrument or on your bicycle, scooter or skateboard! Anything that’s relevant to the cause of the problem or simply the posture or position that causes discomfort or pain.

You know the old joke; ‘ Doctor, doctor it hurts when I do this…’

With a KST practitioner the reply is more likely to be ‘Ok. Do that again and let me check you!’

There are two key features that make this possible; one is The ‘OD’ and the other is The Arthrostim.

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